Luxury jewelry for the bold and modern woman, ethically made in Italy

La Daje captures the essence of Italian style - rebellious, refined, effortless. We believe there’s nothing more luxurious than putting something on without thinking, knowing it goes with whatever you’re wearing, wherever you’re headed, and whatever mood you’re in. La Daje combines a uniquely Italian sense of style with expert craftsmanship, ethical precious metals, and timeless, nostalgic designs.


All La Daje pieces are handcrafted in Northern Italy in a manufacturing facility certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. We care not only about the quality of our products but also about the social and environmental conditions in which they are created. We constantly strive to reduce our environmental footprint and promote safe working conditions across our supply chain. La Daje is committed to doing right by our planet and its people.

Founder & CEO, Carmen Meli

La Daje was founded in Toronto, Canada by fashion and lifestyle entrepreneur Carmen Meli. Carmen’s lifelong affair with fashion began at the age of 8 when her mother first taught her how to sew. Growing up, Carmen would design her own clothes and her mother would make them for her. After having two daughters of her own, she knew she wanted to dress them the same way her mother dressed her. That led Carmen to open a children’s clothing boutique, where she imported clothes from Europe. Coming from a family of European immigrants and having spent over a decade of her life there, Carmen has a profound appreciation for European design and style. One of her happiest memories of living in Europe was visiting bead stores and making jewelry. As her daughters got older, she noticed their affinity for jewelry and love of layering (one of Carmen’s favourite styling tips, picked up in Italy). And so, alongside her daughters, Stefania and Adriana, Carmen decided to found La Daje, as a way of bringing a slice of European style to her home country. Combining her industry experience, bold vision, and endless passion for design, Carmen works with her daughters to create pieces that are modern yet nostalgic. La Daje elevates everyday jewelry to new heights, providing women everywhere with a means of self-expression.


My goal for La Daje is to help women feel strong, confident, and empowered, the way I always feel when I wear special jewelry.”

— Carmen Meli

Our pieces

La Daje uses only the highest-quality materials: Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Vermeil, Rhodium, and Enamel. Our premium 925 Sterling Silver is the base of all our pieces and is made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Sterling Silver pieces are marked with “925” so you know they’re the real deal. We plate our silver jewelry in Rhodium, a silvery-white metal from the platinum family. Rhodium is known for its durability and shine (in fact, it out sparkles both gold and silver). Our gold jewelry is plated in 18k Gold Vermeil (pronounced ver-may). Unlike your typical gold plating, our gold vermeil has a thickness of 2.5 microns and contains an anti-tarnish coating to ensure longevity. Finally, we’re obsessed with our glossy, colourful, and glass-free enamel. We use a handmade, resin enamel that not only looks stunning but is chip-resistant.