Jewelry Care Guide

La Daje jewelry is handcrafted in Northern Italy using only the highest-quality metals. Designed for everyday wear, our sophisticated pieces are built to last. If cared for properly, La Daje jewelry can withstand whatever life throws its way. To ensure your pieces retain their signature shine, regular cleaning is recommended.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Caring for La Daje Jewelry

Do: Avoid Direct Contact with Harsh Chemicals. Contact with items like perfume, hairspray, nail polish remover, lotions, and other cosmetics can degrade the jewelry.

Don’t: Wear Your Jewelry into the Pool or Shower. The worst part of wearing La Daje jewelry is having to take it off. But unfortunately, there are a few circumstances in which removal is a must. La Daje pieces should not be submerged in water, which means they should always be taken off before jumping in the shower or going swimming.

Do: Clean Your Jewelry At Least Once A Month. Find a cleaning regimen that’s right for you and stick with it. We recommend cleaning your La Daje pieces at least once per month.

Cleaning Your La Daje Jewelry

Wearing your La Daje pieces so much they need cleaning? We feel you. Bring your La Daje jewelry back to life with a little bit of warm water, detergent-free soap, and a soft, moist cloth. Gentle wipe the damp cloth over the jewelry and watch as your favourite piece goes from dull to shiny again. Avoid any harsh cleaning products, which can lead to tarnishing or discolouration. Ensure the jewelry is completely dry before storing.

Storing Your La Daje Jewelry

An underrated but important part of jewelry care is storage. If possible, store each La Daje piece individually. This will not only prevent scratches but help you avoid any pesky tangles. Cotton or velvet pouches, individual boxes, or jewelry boxes with separators are ideal.